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New Cavs(Semih Erden) have yet to practice

New Knicks star Carmelo Anthony brushes off Denver Nuggets coach

OKC Thunder trade for Kendrick Perkins

OKC Thunder trade for Kendrick Perkins

Cavs acquire Semih Erden

George Karl is close to getting a contract extension

Andrew Bynum feels effects of surgery

West beats East in All-Star game, 148-143

Blake Griffin wheels and deals in dunk contest victory

Knicks increase offer to Nuggets, which excites Anthony

Popovich names Duncan an All-Star starter

Nets, Blazers talking about Devin Harris deal

Bobcats extend coach Paul Silas' contract

Carmelo Anthony available

Washington snaps 26-game road losing streak

Fenerbahce Ulker championship in Sports Toto Turkey Cup

Kobe Bryant may be willing to return to his Italian roots

Ray Allen breaks 3-pointer mark against Lakers Legandery Coach Jerry Sloan Gone Dwight Howard Frustrated with the Growing Speculation

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